Mar 202012

(TheMadIsraeli reviews the debut EP by an Australian band named Gods of Eden.)

Alright, so . . . here we’ve got a band who combine aspects of thrash metal, death metal, prog metal, and grindcore.

Do what?

Yes.  Really.

Gods Of Eden are quite intriguing, to say the least.  Their debut self-titled EP, only four songs, has provided me with a suitable mind-fuck likely to last all year.  To say I want to see a full-length would be a massive understatement.  You have blazing, technical, off-the-wall riffing full of thrash blood, tech-death bones, grindcore sinew, and power metal/prog metal synapse connections.  The vocals equally span the range on that spectrum.  They move from thrash, to power metal falsetto’s, to a very nasty grindcore tone.

Plus, the music includes black-metal-tinged symphonic elements; actually, the second song “Shiva’s Dream” is very black metal as a whole in it’s character. Continue reading »