Nov 162020


The duo who founded the Swedish black metal band Golgata in 2014 were both born and raised in the southern part of Sweden, and we’re told that the landscape of their region became a vital part of their inspiration, which has carried through to the conception of their forthcoming second album, Tempel. Satanath Records, who will be releasing it on November 30, describes it as “a journey through barren landscapes on a quest for the remedy of this bitter state called living”, and a representation of “the beauty of the human darkness and how it sometimes is the only factor for survival”.

Satanath also recommends the music for fans of Skogen, Grift, and Fellwarden, among others, and those references are good signposts for Tempel’s immersive, melancholy atmosphere and the feeling of reverence that comes through the music, along with its sensations of panoramic sweep and unchained fury.

Today we’re presenting the third track from the album to be revealed so far, along with a strong recommendation that you check out the first two as well. Continue reading »