Jan 162023

In the video you’re about to witness, esoteric undertakings unfold. By candlelight Tarot cards are turned, texts are examined, a potion is made. Under overcast skies a hooded figure with a gnarled staff and inhuman talons staggers through befogged forests. A spade parts the ground, to unearth a buried medallion bearing the pentagram sign.

The words of the song also delve into ancient occult mysteries. As described by the music’s creator, the Costa Rican musician and producer Max Gutierrez Sanchez, here in his guise as Hermès, the sole creator behind Grandiosa Muerte: “”Destino” is an evocation of the ancient knowledge of the Mayan world, intimately linked with the Sacred Fire and where the figure of the Nahuales, spiritual forces that contain and transmit the perfect human being archetype, emerge in an imposing manner.”

More specifically, the lyrics “invoke Nahual Ajpu, the Solar Warrior and Sorcerer, and intermingle it with other incarnations extracted from the Popol Vuh to materialize in a mental preparation ritual before accessing the domains of man, where the music emerges as a continuous flow of melodies and hypnotic rhythms that keeps in the fast lane of rampant ferocity.”

That preview of the music is no exaggeration. In its rampant ferocity, “Destino” is breathtaking in its electrifying power and intensity. Continue reading »

Jul 162022

“Pocket” is a Mozilla app that you can easily install in Mozilla’s Firefox browser. When you do that, a small Pocket icon shows up in the toolbar of Firefox. Wherever you happen to be on the web, if you click that icon it saves the page to your Pocket list. When you then navigate to your Pocket list, you see all the links you’ve saved, along with thumbnail images of the linked pages. Even better, you can access that list from any device that includes the Firefox browser.

This is not an ad for Firefox or Pocket. I mention it because it has made my work for NCS on these Seen and Heard roundups much, much easier.

I used to make endless lists of band names with links to their new songs and videos that I was interested in checking out. Even just typing band names into an online document and copy/pasting the links was time-consuming, since I was usually adding more than a dozen per day, or much more if I fell behind. Not to mention that I kept dozens of tabs open in my browser until I had time to write those lists. Now I use Pocket, and don’t have to type a word or copy any links or keep any tabs open. Continue reading »