May 292019


Gravefields is the cross-continent collaboration of Cairo-based multi-instrumentalist Alan Hurley and French vocalist DM (Helioss, Wrath From Above, Gastropode). Under the name Dirtyprotest, they released a first album in 2017 (Hellstorm), and now, operating under the new name of Gravefields, they’re on the verge of releasing a second album. Entitled Embrace the Void, it’s set for a June 7 release by Redefining Darkness Records (which has a reliable track record of identifying and seizing upon top-shelf talent).

Today we’re presenting a song from the new album named “Mind Leech“, and the first word that springs to mind in attempting to describe it is “kaleidoscopic”, quickly followed by “explosive” and “breathtaking”. With its foundations in death metal, it subtly pulls from other influences to create a constantly changing yet cohesive experience, one that seamlessly combines blast-furnace intensity and captivating, heart-aching melody. Continue reading »