Mar 252012

(Phro wrote this review.)

(Trolling bandcamp this morning, I found the excellent Georgia grindcore band Gripe.  They seems awful pissed about pigs or something…)

Sunday morning.

I hate every fucking morning, but there’s just something about Sunday morning that really just…makes me wanna fuck a possessed nun with a Molotov cocktail. And this morning is no different. I wake up and wipe the sleepies from my eyes, get out of bed, and trip over the head of a pig.


Face full of pig guts.  Seriously, I mean, by now I’m really not surprised by the horrific shit I find in my apartment, but this… Ug.  And it’s still warm, too.  Eww…I think there’s some shit mixed in with the blood. Goddamnit.

I stand up and, covered in pig blood and little squishy flecks of pig shit, kick the head.

“Stupid fucking dead pig.  I don’t even want to know where you came from.”

There’s a bottle of Four Roses, still half full.  Oh, good.  That’ll help me get through the day.  I wander over to the computer.  We need some fucking music to help me clean this shit up before the girl comes home from her business trip. Continue reading »