Sep 142021


It’s not often that we reach out and ask to host a premiere. Almost always it’s the other way around. But after listening to a portion of Connecticut-based Grizzlor‘s upcoming album Hammer of Life, that’s what I did. The whole album turns out to be a heavy kick in the head, but I specifically asked to premiere the opening track, and got my wish. Honestly, part of the attraction was its name: “I Don’t Like You“.

The song (and the album) are departures from our usual meat and potatoes around here: Grizzlor draw comparisons to early Melvins, Drunks With Guns, Weedeater, and Deadguy. As the press materials accurately describe, their mission is to “carpet bomb away the stress of daily living in society with loud, abrasive, and riff-addled noise rock with warped and irritated vocals”, melded with lyrics that radiate a “general vibe of misanthropy, self-isolation, and disappointment with society in general”.

That works for me, and hopefully it will work for you. Surely you get the same thought I do about someone every fucking day: “I Don’t Like You“. Continue reading »