Oct 232018


Having been established in 1999, Gross Misconduct from Vancouver, British Columbia, are entering their second decade, and are on the verge of releasing their third album, Equinox, on November 2nd. Over the course of their first two full-lengths, The Process of Indoctrination (2007) and The Disconnect (2011), the band moved from high-octane thrash to a more progressive sound in the latter album. But seven years have passed since that last album was released, and in that time the band have further expanded the genre elements of their music.

The line-up of Gross Misconduct consists of guitarist/vocalist Jesse Brint, bassist Julian Kenchenten, drummer John Kurucz, and guitarist/vocalist David London. On Equinox, they’ve not only amalgamated the frantic thrash of the first album and the more progressive elements of their second one, they’ve also incorporated other hallmarks of extremity, which you’ll hear in the album’s dynamic title track that we’re premiering today. Continue reading »