Dec 212023

(Even as year-end draws near it’s still not too late to discover new music released this past fall. Comrade Aleks discovered the debut album by the Austrian band Guyođ, issued by Kult und Kaos Productions, and that led to the following interview with two of the band’s members.)

Guyođ from Austrian Graz is a relatively new band, and Heart of Thy Abyss is their first full-length since the band’s birth in 2020. Daikakuji (bass), Rehoboth (drums), Dohrn (guitars, vocals) and Ōjin (vocals) put doomed death metal in the fundament of the album, twisted it a bit with a few black metal turns, and decorated it with sophisticated lyrics adopted from Charles Baudelaire and Herman Melville. There are some tentacles in the Heart of Thy Abyss artwork, but – a shocking fact! – no Cthulhu was mentioned in Guyođ’s lyrics. And that was one of the reasons why we organized this interview! Continue reading »