May 022023

Today marks the first appearance at our humble site of the Finnish black metal band Hail Conjurer, but a glance at the band’s discography reveals that we are very, very late in paying attention.

Beginning in 2017 Hail Conjurer has released numerous demos, splits, and EPs, as well as six full-length albums. The word “prolific” is well-earned here, and the volume of creative output is even more impressive considering that during those years the person behind the project has also been a participant in Hooded Menace, Horse Latitudes, and Ride for Revenge (among others).

As large as it is, the discography of Hail Conjurer is about to swell again, because on May 18th (Ascension Day in the christian church) the band will release a new full-length named Ouroboros Lust on the Bestial Burst label, and that album is the source of the hellish music we’re premiering today through an official video. Continue reading »