Mar 162021


“Formed in 2016 while on the night shift”, the British band Halveksia took their initial inspirations from a mix of doom, gothic rock, and melodeath, but have evolved in a direction of death/doom — albeit with an interweaving of stylistic ingredients not often heard in the genre. Their music is undeniably heavy and head-moving, but also haunting, and capable of channeling harrowing emotions in ways that aren’t easily forgotten.

Halveksia’s debut EP is named Miasma, and it’s now set for release on March 26th by Infernum Records. The EP’s opening track, “The Rift“, emerged first, and today we’re premiering a video for the EP’s title track. That track is divided into two parts on the EP, but those are combined in the video, and the effect of them together is a changing experience that is as captivating as it is disturbing. Continue reading »