Apr 092021


The multi-national project Hammer of Dawn first took shape as an online studio project between guitarist Zed Kelley and drummer Beau Tilley, but quickly grew into a fully fleshed-out band that includes vocalist/lyricist Mac Smith (Krosis, Alterbeast) and bassist Stefano Franceschini (Aborted, Hideous Divinity). Drawing upon themes developed through the Gears of War universe, and bringing in the participation of some very well-known guests, the band have created a debut six-track EP of technically impressive blackened death metal entitled Ketor that’s now set for release on May 28th.

Hammer of Dawn have already released a video for one eye-opening single from the EP named “Fleshless” (which premiered at DECIBEL), and today we’re delighted to premiere the official lyric video for a second single. This one is called “Wretches!” — and it features guest vocals by Aborted’s Sven de Caluwé. Continue reading »