May 042016

Hatespirit-Blood and Poetry


Finland’s Hatespirit are musically manifesting themselves without prior warning, as if bursting into existence like a form of spontaneous combustion. Their first release is their debut album Blood & Poetry, and it was discharged on May 1 via Altare Productions. This is not a timid first step, but a full, 12-song black metal explosion of hatred and disgust toward humankind, combined with a reverence for the mystical and fearsome power of the natural world. Below you can listen to the entire album.

The band’s anti-modernist lyrical philosophy is reflected in their music. At a time when many black metal bands have pushed their song lengths into marathon territory, Blood & Poetry’s tracks are compact and delivered with savage power; they hit like uppercuts to the jaw at the hands of a trained heavyweight. Or perhaps like simulacrums of volcanic eruptions, raging hurricanes, and twisting tornados happening one after the other inside your head. Continue reading »