Jan 162014

(We welcome back Professor D. Grover the XIIIth (ex-The Number of the Blog) with what we hope will be the first of many regular appearances at our site. Today, he introduces the music of three bands whose names are new to NCS.)

Greetings and salutations, friends. It has been too long, it seems, and although my life is filled nearly to its brim, I find that the old urges to write still surface from time to time. Although I lack the time and attention to run yet another site independently, my good friend Islander has always been an exceptionally welcoming host, and No Clean Singing has perhaps the best base of readers to be found on the internet among the various metal sites out there. As such, when I decided to revive Oculus Infernus Industries on a part-time basis, I knew where I needed to go.

In this particular missive, I shall present to you three works from musical collectives with whom you may not be familiar. Fear not, as this is intentional. It is ever my aim to unearth those diabolically unknown recordings so that you may peruse them for yourselves and reach your own determinations regarding their true meanings. Let us commence. Continue reading »