Jan 102017


“Apotheosis” is one of those words that I would usually just skate by when I saw it, thinking I had a vague understanding of its meaning but never bothering to really learn the precise meaning. And then, after listening to the new Hellcraft album, Apotheosis of War, I had to find out exactly what the word meant. The dictionary defines it as “elevation to divine status”, and that made so much sense in the case of this album — because it’s undeniably and almost unrelentingly warlike, and it’s also divine.

Apotheosis of War is this Ukrainian death metal band’s third album and their first one since 2012. It will be released on January 13, and at the end of this post you’ll find our premiere of a full album stream. But first, I have to tell you more about how great this album is, because if I don’t, I might rupture some possibly significant internal organ. Continue reading »