Jun 132011

(NCS writer Israel Flanders brings us another of his recent discoveries, this time a thrashtastic band from the UK.)

Go ahead, I dare you. Tell me you didn’t enjoy that.

Time to dig a little bit into my old-school sensibilities. Sometimes modern metal just doesn’t bring what you want to the table, doesn’t fit your mood, whatever. The point is, Hellfighter are solid power-thrash who bring a refreshing sense of old school.  The band is comprised of four members of legendary Brit thrashers Xentrix — guitarist Kristian Harvard, drummer Dennis Gasser, vocalist Simon Gordon, and bassist Mel Gasser — accompanied by the only non-ex-Xentrix member, guitarist Pete Smith.

Let’s get something straight here: Hellfighter kicks ass, and their debut album Damnation’s Wings will kick yours to the curb if you don’t have the metal flowing through your veins to embrace the power that these guys generate. This music has serious balls, serious epic factor, and solid, impenetrably polished song-writing that provide a total package worth checking out. (more after the jump . . .) Continue reading »