Aug 112020


The phrase “Danse Macabre” (sometimes also called the “Dance of Death”) is a very old one, with its roots in a medieval Europe decimated by the Black Plague and endless wars. In its most common imagery, the earliest of which dates to 1424, cavorting skeletons gleefully escort kings, knights, and commoners alike to their graves, leading them in a wild waltz that mocked the dismay of the fallen. Both satirical and cruel, the imagery seemed to convey, as one author wrote, that “regardless of status, wealth, or accomplishments in life, death comes for everyone”.

As you’re about to discover, that ancient phrase makes a very fitting title for the song we’re premiering off the forthcoming second album by the French hellraisers in Hexecutor. Entitled Beyond Any Human Conception of Knowledge, it will be released on September 25th by Dying Victims Productions. Continue reading »