Apr 032017


Don’t skip to the 2:55 mark on this video. I mean, I’ll grant you, it’s damned tempting, at least if you want to bang your head ’til it comes off while the music hammers it until your skull risks splitting open like an overripe melon. But don’t do it… if you do, you’ll miss out on some highly addictive earthquaking and steamrolling leading up to that sweet moment.

The video you’re about to see is molded around a titanic head-mover named “Raven“, which is one of the two songs on Hollow Leg’s most recent EP, Murder, which was released by Argonauta Records on March 3 of this year. Continue reading »

Jun 062013

Sometimes the hands of blind coincidence shuffle the cards of life and deal you a flush. And so they did for me last night. In addition to other blog-related activities, I had time to listen to four new songs, and by happenstance they all turned out to be from the same suit — and they were also a winning combination. I know four cards don’t make a flush, but one of the songs is 18 minutes long, so I think that counts as two cards (at least).

The songs are actually from somewhat different genres of metal, but when I say they’re from the same suit I mean that they have this in common: BASS

I’m dividing this post into two parts, with two songs in each one. The next post will come later this morning.


The first song I listened to was brand new, the first track released by a new band named Geryon. I listened to it mainly because Geryon is composed of two members of Krallice, Nicholas McMaster and Lev Weinstein, and the song was produced by a third, Colin Marston. I do like me some Krallice. But there were two other reasons, and you’re looking at one of them at the top of this post. Continue reading »