Feb 272023

Just last month Bitter Loss Records released the debut album of the Australian band Idle Ruin (from Brisbane). Entitled The Fell Tyrant, it unleashed nine tracks of mainly full-throttle thrashing death, hurling the listener into one exhilarating escapade after another, propelled by bone-splintering drumwork, iron-shod bass lines, wild-eyed guitar work, and larynx-lacerating vocal extremity.

Idle Ruin packed each song with head-spinning twists and turns as well as spine-slugging and skull-smacking grooves, channeling mayhem, madness, and a general air of marauding savagery. The album’s explosive energy was (and is) potent enough to power massive turbines, but the band also picked their moments to downshift their racing speed, darken the mood, make room for surprising instrumental maneuvers, and plow up the pavement with bursts of jolting (and highly headbangable) brutishness.

And although there’s an abundance of guitar soloing through the album, the “personalities” of those solos change repeatedly, sometimes exotic, sometimes ecstatic, sometimes despairing, and sometimes downright berserk.

The album’s opening track, “Shackled for Adornment“, sets the stage for this mind-bender of a record in electrifying fashion, and that’s the song which is the subject of the video we’re premiering today. It was filmed at the The Fell Tyrant album launch show at The Bearded Lady venue in Brisbane on January 21st of this year. Continue reading »

Oct 242022

Here’s some breaking news: Nuclear Blast has announced that it will release a new Demonaz-led Immortal album named War Against All sometime next year, with Ice Dale (Enslaved) on bass and Kevin Kvåle (Gaahls Wyrd, Horizon Ablaze) on drums. I also got a Bandcamp alert about a new release here today by Teitanblood called Purging Tongues – 2022, though it seems to be a repress of the band’s 2011 single-song EP (Purging Tongues) combined with some kind of variation on that track named “Purging Tongues – Demon 1990“.

In other news, I still feel like shit — though slightly less shitty than over the past weekend. This has hung on long enough that I no longer think it’s the after-effects of dangerous levels of wildfire smoke that plagued my area over the preceding week, and more likely a nasty cold I picked up somewhere. First one of those I’ve had since the outbreak of covid. I’m vaxxed to the max and have pretty much given up masking, and I guess that was a dumb move. Those masks protected against more than covid.

In still other news, I feel like writing about new music anyway (in fact I already did that today), though like yesterday’s Shades of Black column this one will be shorter than usual (on top of everything else, my fucking day job is demanding a chunk of my time). I think of the songs in this collection as musical red meat for metal carnivores. Continue reading »