Oct 092019


It has been a very long time coming, but Tampa’s Immanifest are finally following up their eye-opening 2010 debut EP Qliphotic with an album named Macrobial, and what a hell of an album it is! Animated by dark, occult themes, it is a sonically dense, bewilderingly intricate, viciously punishing, and thoroughly otherworldly combination of symphonic black and death metal, integrated with the speed and kaleidoscopic instrumental fireworks of technical death metal. The music is both machine-like and insectile, ethereal and bludgeoning, alien and monstrous, eerily majestic and savagely mauling.

And that’s not an exhaustive list of the styles and sensations so extravagantly delivered through this electrifying and explosive record. You’ll get a better sense of the band’s off-the-hook creative exuberance (and ferocious spirit) through the song we’re premiering today, in the run-up to the album’s November 8th release by The Artisan Era. The name of this new song is “Wandjina“. Continue reading »