Oct 052015

Infesting Swarm-Desolation Road


(Andy Synn reviews the new album by Germany’s Infesting Swarm.)

Some band names… they… just don’t really reflect their musical content. There you go. I said it.

As much as I love Rotting Christ, for example, it still occasionally strikes me as odd to hear that name in conjunction with the martial grandeur of their recent (and, I would argue, best) material. Similarly the name Septic Flesh doesn’t exactly line-up with the gothy symphonic pomp and circumstance that the band deal in exclusively these days (and, I would argue, wasn’t even a great fit for their early years).

Germany’s Infesting Swarm are another band whose name sits ever-so-slightly awkwardly with the sound of their music, with a moniker more suggestive of the blood-and-bile splattered aesthetic of a Brutal Death Metal band (or, at a push, a skittery Tech-Death band) than the gloom-shrouded Post Black Metal that they actually deal in.

Still, a wise man once wrote that “a rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet”… so the real question, maybe the only important question, is – how good is the music? Continue reading »

Mar 112015


Infesting Swarm are a German band formed in 2007. Their first demo, released in 2011, delved into the depths of blackened death metal, but their their debut Desolation Road, which will be released through Art Of Propaganda on March 30, reflects musical change of course. In this post you’ll have the chance to sample what the new album holds in store as we premiere the album’s sixth track, “Der Lauf der Zeit”.

The song is a long one, in excess of nine minutes, and it makes full use of the time. The music employs the racing, ripping ravages of a black metal assault, with raking tremolo riffs, blasting drum beats, and flesh-rending howls. But it’s also a deeply atmospheric piece, with big moving waves of bleak melody that bring down heavy clouds of sorrow verging on despair, parted by piercing rays of light. Continue reading »