Nov 012018


Rage and disgust fuel the music of Denver’s Inoculated Life — contempt for the police and the judicial system, fury over the practices of industrial slaughterhouses, outrage over the continual fouling of the environment by human beings — and nihilism clouds their view of the future. We’re fucking up the planet, and “there’s no stopping the damage we’ve caused, no reversing it,” they insist. We’re killing ourselves, inexorably wasting away. And that’s the message of their debut album, the meaning of Exist To Decay: “We are living just to rot in the ground, we aren’t special”.

It’s a damned bleak outlook, a glass that’s not only half-empty but also draining rapidly. You might quarrel with the extent of their resignation to a blasted future, but it’s hard to argue with the strength of their conviction when you hear the music, as you’ll discover through our premiere of this new album’s title track. Continue reading »