Feb 192016

VI band


(Argentinian journalist Matías Gallardo rejoins us with this interview of INRVI, the man behind the French black metal band VI, which took place last fall.)

Before showcasing his talents as a bass player in Aosoth and Antaeus, guitarist and vocalist INRVI started VI back in 2007, a project that released an acclaimed EP in 2008 and a split with Aosoth two years later, only to remain silent until last year’s magnificent debut, De Praestigiis Angelorum. Without losing his distinctive French black metal DNA, INRVI translated his tortured existence into one of the most vicious yet epic albums of last year. Now, the man behind VI told us how it all came to be.


Why the name VI?

It is related to the 6th trumpet, the second woe. Continue reading »