Sep 082022

Internal Organs External” — what a grisly and ghastly vision that name conjures! And speaking of visions, take in that cover art up there for this Arizona project’s new album, whose title reinforces the expectations: The Brutality of Tomorrow. And wait ’til you get a look at Vince Otero, the band’s sole member.

But some of you already have an idea of what’s coming without all those clues. That is, if you caught up with the first album of Internal Organs External, Into the Depths. It certainly caught the attention of Vicious Instinct Records, which quickly signed the project to a multi-record deal, one that began with the 2021 EP Apocalyptic Domination.

And now we’ve got The Brutality of Tomorrow fast approaching its September 30th release date. Traumatizing brutality is to be expected, but there’s more here than that. Let’s let Vince explain: Continue reading »