Jul 112010

Into the Moat is (or maybe was) a head-spinning metal band from South Florida. They released their second album, The Campaign, in the spring of 2009, and we thought it was one of the most riveting tech-death albums of the year.

Into the Moat had its genesis almost a decade ago as a one-man project started by a dude named Matthew Gossman, and as that project evolved into a full-fledged band, he remained the drummer and a key creative force in the band’s music.

A couple weeks ago we saw a news item reporting that Gossman had joined another South Florida band called Capsule, and around the same time Gossman published a video blog that disclosed a few other details (at this location) — such as the fact that he recently graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and that other guys in Into the Moat are also in school, which explains why the band has been dormant, with no news for almost a year.

Because we’re such big fans of Into the Moat, we decided to check out Capsule’s music, just to see what attracted Gossman (apart from the fact that the other dudes in the band are old friends). And when we did that, we had one of those “holy shit!” moments — you know, the kind that make us start gurgling out one of these posts.  (more after the jump . . .) Continue reading »