Feb 102016

Serpent - band


(We are grateful that Comrade Aleks has brought us yet another doomy interview, this time with drummer Joakim Olsson of Sweden’s Serpent.)

Sweden is the epicenter of the modern vintage doom rock movement, and Serpent is one of its competent members. The band was formed in 2012, but already has two full-length records – Slaves of Babylon (2013) and Nekromant (2015). The last one was released on the 18th of December, 2015, by Transubstans Records, and believe me – this power trio know how to play damned rocking doom metal!

Serpent’s guitarist Adam Lundqvist knows how to create impressive riffs and solos, Joakim Olsson is precise and hard-handling with his drums, and Mattias Ottosson is an excellent vocalist with an expressive manner of singing that is ideal for this kind of music (besides that, he knows how to treat with the bass). Do you want a portion of murderously effective doom rock? Follow me, because Joakim is ready to spread the word of Serpent. Continue reading »