Apr 032015


WAIT!  DON’T LEAVE! Yes, I know you’re usually into the grymm and the kvlt, and you’re instinctively suspicious about bands whose names and album titles sound like they’re just goofing around — but suspend your skepticism for a minute and hear me out.

You see, I had the same initial reaction when we were approached about premiering this new EP. With a band name like Killer Refrigerator and a thematic focus on a war between humanity and the appliances that rule and control our lives, how could you possibly take the music seriously? While I acknowledge it’s true that we are indeed enslaved by our dependence on our smartphones, blenders, and toaster-ovens, would there really be anything worthwhile in songs named “Slaystation”, “Shower Thrashing Death”, or “Slave To the Easy-Bake”?

Turns out the answer is a resounding YES — that is, if you have a taste for thoroughly brain-twisting, ass-thrashing shred. Continue reading »