Jul 022015


(Austin Weber reviews the new EP by Indiana-based Kossuth.)

The last time I wrote about Kossuth here at NCS, it was when I helped premiere “Plains Of The Soaring Dagger” before the release of the full EP on which it resides. Now that Mictlan has been released, it’s high time that you check it out, and find out why it’s important that you do so. Okay, so maybe that’s a bit presumptuous of me to say, but it’s hard not to get hyperbolic when we’re talking about technical death metal as good as this.

For those who missed my prior post, the band has several current/former members of Dawn Of Dementia in their ranks, which is reason alone to check it out. While a sonic comparison to the technical-meets-melodic stylings of Dawn Of Dementia can easily be made, beyond the current/former members’ connection, Kossuth have more of a progressive mindset to their songwriting on Mictlan than the first Dawn Of Dementia EP had. Continue reading »

Apr 092015


(Austin Weber introduces our premiere of a song from Mictlan, the debut EP by an Indiana band named Kossuth.)

For reasons unknown to me, the state of Indiana has been a hotbed for killer death metal ever since I first got into metal around 2002. The first wave, in my opinion, was kick-started by the release of the now legendary Twilight Of The Idols by Harakiri, which was put out by Willowtip and is one of my all-time favorite death metal records,

In my time here at NCS, I’ve written extensively about death metal acts from Indiana, including bands such as Primordium, Dawn Of Dementia, and Breeding Filth. Now we can add another band, Kossuth, to that list of fresh new death metal talent coming from Indiana. Continue reading »