Oct 052020


I’ve never witnessed a live performance by Kratzer, though they’ve played over 100 shows in their native Germany, but it doesn’t take much imagination to envision the brawling mosh pits they must stir up from the stage. Just listening to their songs makes you want to kick over the furniture and ram your head into the walls. Maybe that’s just me, but I doubt it.

That primal, explosive power and riotous energy in their music leaves an immediate and lasting impression, but it’s not the only memorable aspect of their songs. They don’t waste time and they favor short, sharp shocks, but they have a talent for packing a lot of sensations into the generally short run-times of their tracks. We’ve got a good example of that talent in the song we’re premiering today from their debut album …Alles liegt in Scherben, and perhaps even better examples in the streams of previously released tracks that we’re also sharing. Continue reading »