Jun 082017


Not for the first time, I had a discussion with a few of my NCS comrades at Maryland Deathfest about how much stuff I post most days. I think their feeling was that 4 posts a day at NCS should be considered adequate, and that more tends to result in reader/listener overload. While I think this is good advice for my exercise of editorial discretion, and undoubtedly would help relieve the frenzied stress levels of my daily existence, the sad fact is that I… just… can’t… fucking… help myself! I see or hear something that gets me excited, and I feel an apparently irresistible compulsion to share it.

And so, while today I’ve already posted an album review and plan to post three premieres (one of which is a full album, accompanied by a review), I also decided to compile this round-up. On the bright side, two of the following 10 items(!) only consist of artwork and news — and I could have made this soooo much longer, but I’m saving some new discoveries for this weekend.


I was gob-smacked the first time I saw Eliran Kantor’s artwork for the cover of Incantation’s new album. Even now, seeing the piece with the band’s name and the album title on it, my gob is still smacked. The first single from the album has also proven to be a gob-smacker. But before we get to that, here’s Eliran Kantor’s explanation about the inspiration for his painting on the cover of Profane Existence: Continue reading »

Feb 182016

KZOHH cover art


I mentioned yesterday that this week has brought yet another flood of new music. Continuing to sift through what I’ve been seeing and hearing, I’d like to share and recommend new songs and videos from five bands today. Lots of diversity here…


The Ukrainian black metal band KZOHH includes members of such other excellent groups as Khors and Reusmarkt, among others. In early December I included some words about a great song named “Alousia et Pestilentia Ignearia” from their just-released second album, Rye. Fleas. Chrismon.

Yesterday the band released a multi-camera, pro-shot live video of their performance at the Via Sinistra III Festival in Kharkiv, Ukraine, on December 6, 2015. The name of the song performed in the video is “Massebegravelser”, which is also from Rye. Fleas. Chrismon. Continue reading »

Dec 012015

Baphomet's Blood-In Satan We trust


I have so much new music I’d like to tell you about, but not enough time for all the telling. Not for the first time, I thought about giving the tracks to the loris horde and letting them do the write-ups. Not for the first time, I came to my senses before it was too late. I’d still be waiting for their work product this time next year. So, with a sigh, I’ve randomly picked new music from four bands for now, and hope to write about more tomorrow (assuming I can finish a review I’m scribbling about something very surprising).


On Saturday, Iron Bonehead Productions announced that on January 25, 2016, they will release a vinyl version of a new album by Italy’s Baphomet’s Blood. This is the band’s fourth album, and their first one in nearly seven years, and its name is In Satan We Trust. On they same day, we got the first advance track to stream, a whiskey-fueled rocker named… “Whiskey Rocker”. Continue reading »