Mar 172016

Lake of Violet-The Startling Testimony of Plumb Lines


It was already a given that Lake of Violet’s new album would be worth hearing because of the label that’s bringing it out — Gilead Media — and the alluring cover art and intriguing album title (The Startling Testimony of Plumb Lines) sealed the deal. But when I learned who is in the band, I became not merely interested in the music but intensely curious.

The line-up consists of guitarist André Foisy (Locrian, Kwaidan), drummer Anthony Michael Cori (Cedars of Lebanon, ex-Minsk), bassist Jacob Essak (Sun Splitter), and vocalist Neil Jendon (Kwaidan, Catherine). I thought, what in the world might people such as these have concocted? As it turns out, the music is more out of this world than in it.

We have the pleasure of premiering one of these remarkable songs today: “Captive/Fugitive“. Continue reading »