Jan 192018


Almost five years to the day after the release of their debut album, Edge of the World, the New York melodic death metal band Last Legion have returned with a new full-length, and in a word, it’s glorious. Although the album was officially released earlier this week, we’re bringing you the first full album stream today, preceded by a few more words of praise (okay, more than a few).

As signified by the new album’s title — MuspelheimLast Legion have drawn on the timeless tales of Norse myth for the lyrical subject matter of their songs, and they’ve created music that matches the epic scale of their subject matter — music that’s explosively powerful, persistently adrenaline-inducing, and quite memorable. Without taking anything away from Last Legion’s own creativity, you may well conclude that you’ve found an American Amon Amarth, one that could hold their own, side-by-side, with that most obvious reference point. Continue reading »

Jan 152018


Norse mythology has been a rich vein of lyrical themes and musical inspiration for heavy metal bands to mine, and not just for groups who were spawned in Scandinavian lands of ice and snow. Last Legion roam the boroughs of New York City rather than the frost-bitten northlands across the Atlantic, but the ancient and timeless tales of Norse paganism fuel the fires in their music, which is a particularly savage brand of melodic death metal.

Last Legion’s new album, Muspelheim, is being released today via Gravel Entertainment, and to commemorate the event we’re premiering an official video for the album’s sixth track, “God Ov Chaos“, which takes the travails of the trickster god Loki as its subject matter. Continue reading »