Sep 032010

Linkin Park has a new album on the way. Due on September 14, it’s called A Thousand Suns. They’re giving away the song “Wretches and Kings” to people who pre-order the album at

You can listen to “Wretches and Kings” by pressing play:

Yeah, we’re just fuckin’ wit choo. Truth is, we’re late finishing today’s real post and thought we’d put this thing up until it’s done, just to make you say, “What the fuck?”

The new song is aptly titled, because Linkin Park are still kind-of pop music royalty, but the music has become wretched. Your NCS collaborators all used to like the band — back when Hybrid Theory came out and sounded fresh, back when Chester Bennington still shrieked his guts out, back before we got bored shitless with nu-metal. Maybe we were stupid to like the band even then, but we’re just being brutally honest (go ahead, say it with us, “because that’s the only kind of honest we know how to be here at NCS”).

The new song is heavy on the electro-bass, heavy on Mike Shinoda‘s lame rap, but at least Chester’s vocals aren’t completely clean. But really, this is just filler, not killer. Come back in an hour or two and we’ll have something better up here for your amusement.