Sep 152016



When this new split becomes available in physical form, you’ll be able to hold it comfortably in the palm of your hand. Just a little plastic case with spools of tape inside, more fragile than your phone and weighing just a couple of ounces. Such an unassuming little thing… even with that nasty visage gazing back at you from the cover with bleeding eyes. It seems so incongruous compared to the weight and power of the monstrous sound lurking within, waiting patiently for the chance to get at your mind, like the horde of evils in Pandora’s box.

The two Philadelphia-area bands participating in this split are Lithotome and Moros. Both are somewhat secretive; neither has a long history of releases; both are stacked with talent of a particular kind, which is on full display in this split. Both also happen to be bands I’ve been ardently wishing would give us new music, and now they finally have — and you shall hear it right here, in advance of its release by Dullest Records. Continue reading »

Dec 222013

I first heard the name Lithotome last March via an e-mail from an Australian label named Fall of Nature, offering a promo of the band’s new self-titled debut album. I don’t remember why, but I didn’t follow up. Then I saw the name again on a year-end list by NCS reader 365chaosriddendays. And then I saw that Lithotome had made the album available on Bandcamp yesterday.

I listened to the first three songs, and then stopped and bought the album, because I already knew I would want to clutch it to myself like a misshapen offspring.

Lithotome began as a collaboration between Philadelphia musician Alex Poole (Chaos Moon, Esoterica, Krieg) and vocalist N. Imperial (Krieg, Twilight), and eventually came to include Jack and Steven Blackburn (Esoterica), and Dan Martin (Vrolok) as well The e-mail I received last March drew comparisons to Australia’s Portal and early 90s Finnish death metal, and having now heard the music, I can understand why. Continue reading »