Sep 272018


Loneshore began their musical journey together in 2014, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Drawing influence from such bands as Katatonia, Opeth, and Alcest, they have meticulously crafted a debut album named From Presence To Silence that will be released by BadMoodMan Music and Solitude Productions tomorrow (September 28th), and on the eve of that debut for which the band have worked so hard, we present a live performance video for an album track called “Effigy“.

The song is a long one (about 10 minutes), but completely engrossing, in part because it’s so multi-faceted, drawing together elements that range from doom to death metal to post-rock and prog, and in part because it’s so dynamic — and so alive with passion (which also comes through quite clearly as you watch the band members perform the song in the video). Continue reading »