Sep 062017


(Austin Weber prepared this post highlighting the upcoming 2017 edition of Louisville Deathfest, which boasts an especially killer line-up this year.)

Here in my hometown of Louisville, Kentucky we have a yearly metal fest event called Louisville Deathfest. The event serves to highlight a mix of local acts and acclaimed national groups many of us know and love. I’m writing a short post about it here because this year’s line up is fucking ridiculous and it only seemed right to try to shine a spotlight on it for anyone who may not have heard about it but might be intrigued enough to make the trek for it.

A two-day pass for the event is currently a mere $30, with single one-day passes just $20, though I would assume day-of-show prices might be higher as is normal.

Without further adieu, here is the incredible line-up I was speaking of, and I’ll have some short observations to make after listing them. Continue reading »