Oct 262011

I don’t know any actual zombies, reanimated corpses, or other manifestations of the walking dead. Not personally. But I can imagine that when they congregate among themselves to get shit-faced and party like the fucking ghouls they are, they’re crankin’ the new album by Maax.

I’ve been fumbling around trying to decide on a genre label for this music. As I listened to the first track, “Coldest Steel”, I was thinking “death ‘n’ roll”. But as I moved deeper into the grisly vomit-rocket of this album, that didn’t seem to fit. Later, I thought about “thrash ‘n’ roll”, because most of the songs do sound like a breed of thrash, but “thrash ‘n’ roll” really doesn’t capture the gory filth that pervades the music.

“Slut-fucking black thrash ”n’ roll”? I suppose that could work. “Alcoholic heavy metal hellfire”? Yeah, that has possibilities. “Entombed meet Motorhead, get blasted, and then dress up in the freshly flayed skin of the just dead and start jamming”? That’s getting closer. But I finally decided that the band itself nailed the description in the title of the sixth track: “Rot and Roll”. (more after the jump . . .) Continue reading »