Mar 212011

When things come together in a way that makes an an alliterative post title possible, it’s just awesome, don’t you think?

In the course of catching up on metal news over the weekend, we came across three items that caught our bloodshot eyes. Apart from the fact that they all concerned bands whose names begin with “M”, the music has nothing in common.

ITEM ONE: The first item concerned a band from Sweden called Malfeitor. There’s a black metal band from Italy with the same name, and a couple of long-defunct bands from Norway and the U.S. that liked the name, too — but this ain’t any of them. This band had its genesis in Sweden back in the early 90’s and then dissolved in 1994. But it’s become apparent that Swedish death-metal bands are like vampires – they never die.

In 2007, two of the band member — Benny Moberg and Mattias Parkkila — started another death metal band called Blood Mortized (along with ex-Amon Amarth guitarist Anders “Hansson” Biazzi), which put out a debut album in 2009 and is about to release a 3-song EP on cassette. Last year Moberg left Blood Mortized to resuscitate Malfeitor, and he has now been joined by Parkkila and drummer Janne (Rudberg) Björkenfjäll.

Malfeitor have recently started streaming their first new song in 17 years, plus they’ve got a teaser track that includes instrumental snippets from five songs on an album they plan to release in 2011 (the vocals haven’t yet been recorded for those songs). After the jump, we’ve got the new song and that teaser.

ITEM TWO: The second item concerns another band from Sweden — Machinae Supremacy — but they’re pretty far over toward the other end of the metal spectrum from Malfeitor. What grabbed our attention about these dudes is the fact that they’re one of the three support acts for Children of Bodom‘s “Ugly World Tour”, which began this past weekend — the other two being Amon Amarth and Ensiferum.  (more after the jump . . .) Continue reading »