Dec 012015

Mage - Tom


Mage was born as a conclave of doom worshipers from Leicester in 2010, and its lineup was stable, as all five doom magicians have one goal — to create heavy, straightforward, groovy, and sincere music.

Tom was chosen to take the duty of vocalist, Woody and Ben committed to do best they could with playing guitars, as Mark and Andy (who replaced Moe in 2011) have formed a solid rhythm section.

Just one year after their birth, Mage recorded their first self-titled EP with four good’n’heavy songs. Limited to 100 copies, it was distributed by Witch Hunter Records. Ten new songs have shaped the full-length record Black Sand, released in October 2012 by the band’s own efforts.

With massive and punchy riffs, memorable solos, and impressive vocal lines, Mage easily gained recognition. Tom sings in a forthright, pretty hardcore manner, and it works excellently with Mage’s uncompromising riffs… It took the band only two years to finish their second album Last Orders, which was released by Witch Hunter Records on Halloween 2014. Continue reading »