Dec 022023

Yesterday I managed to crawl through the 300-400 Bandcamp alerts and e-mails that hit our in-box during the 24 hours of Bandcamp Friday, plus social media messages from a few of the people whose recommendations I pay attention to. I even managed to very quickly skim through e-mails from the day before.

Doing that, I saved a shitload of links, and then barely scratched the surface of them in listening. There were some big surprises in that pile, some from bands I knew about and even bigger ones from names I’d never heard of. I picked some to pass along to you today. I’ve saved some others for the Sunday column, which I hope I’ll get to.

I had so many picks for today that I decided to divide them into two parts. The second part includes three bands from the same archipelagic country, all of which fall into the big-surprise category. I haven’t yet written part 2, and because the hour is late, it will probably come tomorrow. Continue reading »

Jan 102021


I had more time this Sunday morning than I did yesterday to check out new music, focusing as I usually do on the blackened arts. Unfortunately for me, if not for you, I still didn’t have time to write as much as I would like about what I’ve selected for this column. For much of it I resorted to fragmentary impressions rather than more complete reviews, or even complete sentences. But I bet you’ll enjoy the music anyway.

MALIST (Russia)

…blazing and boisterous… thrusting and thunderous… moody, melancholy, and mysterious at times, but mainly explosive and exhilarating (and highly addictive)… Continue reading »