Aug 042010

Some of the albums we’ve liked the best in 2010 have been throwbacks, and Shadowcast by Insidious Disease joins those ranks.

In this case, the music is the kind of blackened death metal that sawed its way down to the center of the earth from Sweden about two decades ago, and thus made a path for a column of frothing magma to make its way to the surface.

Insidious Disease is a super-group of veteran musicians who know what they’re doing, and know what they like. They’re deeply embedded in the style of music they play, and they use their knowledge and their feel for the style to create songs that are both strongly reminiscent of an earlier time (the time of early Dismember and Dissection and Autopsy) and yet joltingly cool.

There is a reason why this style of music started an underground revolution. There is a reason why it still exists. It has spawned dozens of brilliant offspring, but in this creatively updated but faithfully original form, it’s still a fucking headbanger’s delight.  (more after the  jump, including a sample track to hear . . .) Continue reading »