Jun 092021


When last we wrote about the Finnish black metal band Marras the occasion was the premiere of a song from their strikingly good 2019 debut album Where Light Comes to Die. A new album, Endtime Sermon, provides the occasion for us to revisit them, through yet another premiere. Like the first album, this second one will be released by Spread Evil Productions. It’s destined to hit the streets on July 9th.

A story lies behind the song we’re presenting today, “As Night Gets Darker“. It’s a story inspired by Finnish writer Boris Hurtta, who just passed away in February 2021, and thus the song is a tribute to him. The band tell the tale as follows: Continue reading »

Oct 182019


Where Light Comes to Die is the debut album of the Finnish black metal band Marras, whose members have been involved in Vargrav, Förgjord, Nekrokrist SS, and Mimorium. It will be released on November 18 by Spread Evil Productions.

What we’re presenting today is a song from the album name “Sea of Trees“, and Marras have explained that its their oldest song, one which actually pre-dated the band’s formation, and which became the vision for the project as a whole, as members Valgrinder and Obscurus began to discuss it:

“We asked Vilthor from Mimorium to play drums and H from Nekrokrist SS to handle the main vocals. I [Valgrinder] did the bass and some of the synths, Obscurus handled the guitars, and V-khaoz from Vargrav did additional synth compositions. Although the vision was clear from the very beginning, Marras started to sound like a collaboration of its creators.” Continue reading »