May 162014

It’s time for audio mauling, with flair, as we bring you music from two metal-weighted hardcore bands who’ll slug you in the mouth and then kick you in the cojones before you have time to pick up your teeth.

The bands are Benchpress from Lewiston, Pennsylvania, and Martyr’s Tongue from San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Get This Right Records has just released a split 7″ that includes two songs from each band. We’re premiering streams of all four songs after a brief introduction.


As the band’s name signifies, the original members apparently came together with the tongue-in-cheek idea of making “beatdown anthems for gym-rats”, but the two songs on the new split aren’t joking around. “Penance” and “Pissed Away” rocket through the bloodstream in about six minutes. They inflict the punishment with thick, rebar-strength riffs delivered in both flashing jabs and brutal hammer blows, with squalling feedback leading to thunderous breakdowns. And you can feel the vocalist’s jugular veins coming apart violently as he vents his venom. Merciless and heavy-grooved, these tracks will make your bad moods murderous. Continue reading »