Feb 212023

Solo musical projects present challenges, but also opportunities. Writing and performing songs without the collaboration of other musicians who might contribute ideas or at least be sounding boards for the principal songwriter, in addition to providing their own talents as performers, can create obstacles. Sometimes a solo artist’s ideas need improvement, or maybe need to be trashed altogether. And sometimes a solo artist’s performance talents fall short of what’s needed for even very good ideas to be expressed in ways that are appealing to listeners.

On the other hand, working alone provides complete creative freedom, and if the solo artist’s vocal and instrumental skills are up to the task, the results can more authentically represent the ideas (for better or worse) than trying to get multiple people to understand them and pull in the same direction.

Again for better or worse, complete creative freedom means that a solo artist’s music can twist and turn in different directions from one release to the next, because creative impulses don’t always follow a straight line or even a coherent progression. One person might stick with a defined style and hone it, but another might indulge more adventurous impulses.

Which is a long-winded way of bringing us to the latest EP by Maudiir, the solo project of the Montreal-based artist who goes by the initial F. Continue reading »

Jan 052021


On the 19th of February the Montreal-based metal band Maudiir will release a second EP. Entitled La Part du Diable, it was inspired by many of the disturbing events that the last year brought us. It follows by almost one year the band’s first EP, Le Temps Peste, and reveals some new dimensions of sound and style, embellishing and extending the black/thrash inspirations that gave birth to the project.

Maudiir is the solo project of F. (ex-Deeply Confused, Tears for the Dead Gods), who also currently leads the prog/thrash metal band Trinity Blast. Through the vehicle of Maudiir, and particularly on this new EP, he brings into play ’80s heavy metal influences alongside black metal and punk, while adding progressive flourishes. We’ve got a fine example of Maudiir’s multi-faceted approach in a song we’re premiering today from the new EP. Its name is “The Slumber“. Continue reading »