Aug 032021


(Comrade Aleks brings us many illuminating interviews, but this one hits a high level, much like the music. The discussion comes with our thanks to Max Johnson from the U.S. black metal band Noltem, whose debut album is set for release on October 15th by Transcending Obscurity.)

Elegant and fluid atmospheric black metal from Connecticut-based Noltem was exposed by Transcending Obscurity Records just a month ago, but their first revealed tracks, “Illusions in the Wake” and “Ruse”, are just teasers for the whole album which will be released physically very soon. Vast soundscapes taking form from breathtaking harmonies, piercing vocal lines, and a wide palette of dark moods are delivered by this trio with flawless effectiveness and high competence.

Noltem is recommended for fans of Agalloch and Panopticon, and I agree with this reference, though you’ll find that their individuality reaches out beyond this fluid sub-genre’s borders. Max Johnson (guitars, bass, keyboards), John Kerr (drums, vocals), Shalin Shah (bass)… who will enlighten us and reveal the driving force behind Notlem? It seems that Max is on line tonight. Continue reading »