Nov 102012

(Tyler Lowery has been burning up his keyboard.  Here’s yet another guest piece from him, this time a review of the new EP by Brooklyn-based Meek Is Murder.)

 As I started to listen to the new Meek is Murder EP, I decided to make a cup of tea. It’s miserably cold out, and I thought I could listen to the EP in the background while waiting for water to boil. What I didn’t realize was the EP was under 7 minutes in its 5-track entirety. Before the water was even warm, the album was already over.

Ok, time to try again. I sat down and listened to the 59-second opening track. The EP starts at a slow rumble. A dingy guitar run repeats itself as the vocals scream over the almost limping drums. Just as quickly as the first track rolls to a stop, the second jumps straight into fourth gear. Cacophony cuts quickly with a thrashy riff as the drums ride heavy on the crashes. About halfway through the song, gears shift back down to a surly bubble as it fades away.

Probably the most diverse track of the album, “Marty Mcfly” starts with shouted lines over a fuzzy bass groove before the guitars come back to play briefly with a punky riff and closes out with the deepest growls of the set. Done as quickly as it came, it’s on to the final track. Continue reading »