Aug 022016

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Today marks a milestone worth recognizing:  Norway’s Indie Recordings has become the 200th metal label to set up shop on Bandcamp. We learned this through a post by our friends at Metal Bandcamp, who have been keeping track of such things since 2011. As a measure of how much things have changed, in November 2011 the founder of Metal Bandcamp, MaxR, wrote a guest post for our site (here) identifying the 10 metal labels who had established Bandcamp pages as of that time — only 10 in 2011, but now 200.

If you want to see the actual list of all 200 metal labels that Metal Bandcamp has compiled, go here, and to read more about this 200-label milestone, check out Max’s post about the event here.

Things really have changed dramatically in the distribution of music since Bandcamp first launched. Our first post about the phenomenon of Bandcamp was this one back in March 2010. After outlining the features then offered by Bandcamp in detail, I concluded with this thought: Continue reading »

Feb 282012

In a relatively short time, Metal Bandcamp has become THE go-to site for discovering new metal on the wonderful Bandcamp platform.

If you already know the name of a band or album that you’re after, Bandcamp’s search engine works fine. And if you’re willing to put in hours of effort on a regular basis, you can browse all the bands whose music is on the site by using one of the “metal” tags (e.g., “metal”, “black metal”, “metalcore”, “thrash”, “doom” or “progressive metal”). But who has that kind of time?

The valuable service that Metal Bandcamp provides is not only to keep readers abreast of what metal is being added to Bandcamp on a daily basis, but also to act as a filter — providing music descriptions, brief reviews, and sample music from new additions that are worthy of your ears. Virtually every day, and often multiple times a day, Metal Bandcamp’s tireless proprietor MaxR adds posts spotlighting what’s new in the Bandcamp world of metal. (He was also kind enough to annotate all of the 2011 “Best of the Year” lists at NCS with links to Bandcamp sites for the honored albums, where they existed.)

Recently, Max created a new page on his site that lists the record labels (from major labels to small independents) who have established Bandcamp pages for their releases, along with brief descriptions. In addition, on that page you can find links to each label’s Bandcamp splash page, plus a separate link to bands from each label that have been featured in Metal Bandcamp posts. Continue reading »