Dec 162017


The history of UK-based Metal Hammer magazine can be traced back to 1983. At its peak, it was published in 11 different languages around the world, with a monthly circulation of over 1 million. Near death at the end of 2016 due to the collapse of its then-owner Team Rock Ltd, the publication was rescued when former owner Future Publishing re-purchased the magazine (and preserved the TeamRock name). Its Facebook page currently boasts more than 2 million likes.

We haven’t located current print or digital subscription numbers, but it seems obvious that Metal Hammer qualifies for the part of our annual LISTMANIA series in which we re-publish year-end lists by substantial print zones and “big platform” web sites, even though we haven’t included it in previous years. Continue reading »

Dec 162009


Your NCS Authors are big Unearth fans, and fans of Pantera too. You may have heard that to commemorate the 5th anniversary of Dime’s death, Metal Hammer magazine brought together a group of well-known artists to record covers of Pantera songs for a CD that ships with the mag. Unearth was enlisted to cover “Sandblasted Skin,” and the band has just now put that song up on their MySpace site for public consumption. “Sandblasted Skin” captures a lot of what Pantera was all about, and Unearth’s cover does it complete justice. Don’t know about the rest of the covers on the Metal Hammer collection, but this one slays.

So, down below, after the photo of Dime, check out a 1996 live Pantera performance of “Sandblasted Skin” and then run over to Unearth’s site and listen to what they do with the song.