Feb 092012

This is the second of three posts today that focus on individual song releases by bands we’ve only recently discovered here at NCS. Credit to TheMadIsraeli for tipping me to Dissipate.

Dissipate are a prog/djent band from Livermore, California. Given my personal tastes in music, a little bit of prog/djent goes a long way, and a lot of prog/djent should just go away. I’m not trying to ignite a debate, just being clear about where I’m coming from.

However, although the nekro part of my multiple personality disorder has become increasingly dominant over time, I’m not too kvlt to dismiss this genre altogether. I still occasionally get a charge out of the sheer instrumental exuberance that some bands display, and that’s how I’m feeling about Dissipate’s new song, “Motion”.

Dissipate has chosen to include their fans in the gestation of this song, first posting their talented guitarist Mike Gianelli’s play-through of a rough mix last fall (here), then following that in January with a different play-through by the band’s bassist, JT (here), and finally uploading a Gianelli play-through of the finished song yesterday.

Despite the fact that I’m not conditioned to eat up this kind of music in big mouthfuls, I found myself hypnotized by this new video. Continue reading »