Apr 292012

It’s only a coincidence. My rational mind knows that. But the still-superstitious part of me worries that there’s a chance, maybe only a 1% chance, that the appearance on the same afternoon of new videos of Mitochondrion and Dragged Into Sunlight is a sign that Cthulhu is commanding me across the dimensional membrane to write this post. And if there’s even a 1% chance of waking up tomorrow with all my orifices gorged with tentacles greedily sucking out my nutrients, I think I’m gonna play it safe.

Besides, I love these two bands. Or maybe I fear them. Maybe I love my fear. They both create apocalyptic atmospheres  – dark, anti-human, scourging.

Mitochondrion plays ritualistic war metal. In one of my previous posts about them this year (here), they were looking ahead to a show with the powerful Antediluvian on April 28 — last night — in Vancouver. Turns out they played a new song at that show, a song called “Insummation”, being played in public for the first time. There’s a video of it after the jump. The visual quality is decent, but the audio quality isn’t great. Still, it captures the brutalizing insanity of the song.

Dragged Into Sunlight played a show last night, too — at the SWR Metalfest in Barroselas, Portugal. The line-up for that festival was amazing, headlined by Immortal. Two videos have surfaced of the DIS performance. The sound quality is better than the Mitochondrion vid. Looks like DIS is still playing mostly with their backs turned  to the audience. The music is still ear-wrecking and flesh-rending. Continue reading »