Nov 062018


And now for something completely different.

What we are about to premiere is a lyric video for a composition by Montes Insania entitled “Akto De Metafiziko” from a forthcoming concept album named Fikcia Erao. The words, like the titles, are in Esperanto — an abstract modern language intentionally chosen because it is free of any cultural or historical connections, intended to help tell a musical story that is also unrelated to any existing culture, a story “about illusions and metaphysics, about chaos, emptiness and the struggle of man in an aimless universe”.

The music, which has some kinship with black metal, is as abstract and as confounding as the language. And while Fikcia Erao is described as an appeal to Johann Sebastian Bach, and appropriates the sounds of organ, strings, and horns, Montes Insania insists that “this is not symphonic metal, but antisymphonic, metasymphonic, in which academic parties are turned inside out, not smoothing sharp corners, but on the contrary, filling the composition with rigidity and perversion, known only at the dawn of music”. Continue reading »